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2011 BLOG

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Year end get together and Report Back by last delegation

Our year end get together took place on 25 November 2010.

Yachika, Jeevan and Ayanda gave a comprehensive report of their trip to Oskarshamn. Yachika went as a journalist and have really  made us proud with the many articles in our local papers. A detailed report can be viewed on their blog: The site address will be posted. Ayanda and Jeevan attended the youth conference , made many presentation at schools. all 3 also attended the Bridging Ages International Conference for a day.

We are again grateful to Tormod, Bo, Ebbe and  a host of other persons for taking the best care of our delegates.

We are pleased that previous youth delegation had also attended the end of year get together, viz Sanele, Rischav and Tenille. It is time that a YOUTH TWINNING COMMITTEE be established. Jeevan has shown a keen interest in taking this lead. We need to encourage and support this process.

 Also pleasing to note that Mr. Valley, principal of Marburg Secondary school has also attended this gathering.  We ended on a positive note with exchange of gifts and lots to eat.

There are many projects ongoing and  the co-ordination would continue during the vacation.

New blog has been created for 2011.

Looking forward to another successful 2011


Monday, December 20, 2010

THEY ARRIVED! Katharina, Ulrika and Lovisa - the young volunteers

The young volunteers from Sweden that had volunteered during the years 2008 and 2009 at Emseni Children's Home is back in Port Sheptone. This time  to volunteer again at the Children's Home , prepare a huge Swedish Christmas dinner and organise a party  for the remainding  children, until their departure on 5 January 2010. They would travel to Kruger National  Game Park before returning to Sweden. This is greatly appreciated by Ziphakamise and the Twinning Asasociation TACK!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Bridging Ages Conference. Port Shepstone. 20 October 2010

For the people of Port Shepstone in Kwa- Zulu Natal, South Africa the Bridging Ages Conference held in this seaside town was a first and historic occasion

It was indeed a privilege and honour for the Port Shepstone Twinning Association the local host . Our Association has a deep and historic relationship with Sweden since the early 1990’s.

The conference was opened by the Hibiscus Coast Mayor, Nolwazi Shusha

The conference theme "Social Cohesion Through Time" was most appropriate and significant for the conditions of the our young and fledgling democracy. As Archbishop Tutu, one of four South African Nobel Peace laureattes said : “ Nations are built through shared collective memories .”

Time Travel has been implemented in South Africa four provinces commencing in 2006.

The conference in dealing with the 10 recorded SA time Travel presentations , various speakers and study circle discussions, brought home the need for recording our history from all perspectives.

Engaging all sectors of the community (with oral history being a key component of recording our history) is very effective in developing a sense of ownership of the process and ultimately the history itself. It also became apparent that Time Travel can be used as an effective tool in a “healing the nation” process, as presented by Prof Radikobo Ntsimane.

The 142 conference delegates came from Sweden, Belgium and 5 provinces in South Africa. Their backgrounds included museum personnel, various government departments especially from Arts , Culture and Education, educators and civil society.

Delegates participated in the first recorded Time travel in Kwa- Zulu Natal located in the 1905, pre Bambatha Rebellion, period. Also significant is that this year 2010, marks the 150 years anniversary of the arrival of the Indentured Indian labourers . The 1905 Time Travel recorded history talks to all aspects of the period viz the character of colonialism, the resistance of the Zulus and the plight of the Indian labourers.

The wide ranging exhibition, showcasing Twinning history and up to date projects, recorded Time Travels in SA, various cultures, civil society work, tourism and focus on the work of our democratic government, was educational, interesting and appropriately commemorated this occasion.

It was a singular achievement to facilitate the fantastic co-operation between the Twinning Association, and the volunteeres who toiled, begged and borrowed to make the conference a huge success. With very limited resources, it was the people participation and ownership that made this conference most cost effective. It has demonstrated that if one engages with communities, anything is possible. The media has also been most supportive with wide coverage, as have business and various cultural groups.

The conference dinner, was highly successful with 250 attendees.

Again, it was well planned and every delegate, govt. official, mayor, member of Parliament and ordinary community member was mesmerized by the drama presented by the Ikwazi group from Umzumbe, music by eSayidi College, and the Indian and Zulu dances.

 But the highlight was undoubtedly the students of the pilot schools who spoke about the impact of time travel on learning and education.

Even our Minister of Arts and Culture Weziwe Thusi, ensured that she came on the 21st to endorse the conference . BHer department has already adopted this methodology for transformation of the music service.

The Time Travel method has demonstrated the value of involving all sectors of society and removing the barriers that otherwise divide us through race, class, religion or language. The highest levels of achievments can only be accomplished through networking and working in total cohesion with programmes designed to meet societal challenges.

We thank every person who made a contribution towards this most memorable and successful project.

Gulshera Khan
Conference Co-ordinator
BASA - Board Member

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

BA SA 2010 Conference and Way Forward Report by Ebbe Westergren

17 October
Arriving in Durban and Port Shepstone. Helen, Meg and Ebbe arriving from Cape Town, Laila from Sweden.

Meeting with the Time Travel Committee of the Port Shepstone Twinning Association, 17 persons, 10 women and 7 men. Planning for the national conference and the other events.

18 October
Extensive planning for the Bridging Ages South Africa conference. Several meetings with stakeholders, checking props for the Time Travel, writing of scenarios and rolecards, checking audio system etc

19 October
Intensive planning for the conference. More meetings, buying props and costumes, cleaning the Time Travel site.

Gunnar arrives from Cape Town

In the afternoon set up the venue, several exhibits, sound system etc.

In the evening welcome reception for national guests from North West, Western Cape and Mpumalanga.

20-21 October
First National Bridging Ages South Africa Conference. 145 delegates from all over South Africa, about 60 persons from KwaZulu-Natal and 40 from North West, Mpumalanga, Western Cape, Gauteng and Eastern Cape. Helen, Meg, Laila, Gunnar, Ebbe and Stefan Wind from Sweden.

20 October, in the morning welcome speech from the Mayor of Hibiscus Coast Municipality, presentations from Bridging Ages International (Ebbe), Bridging Ages South Africa (Tizzie Mangiagalli), from the four provinces organising Time Travels - Western Cape, North West, KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga.

In the afternoon a Time Travel with all 145 000 people to 1905 at the Port Shepstone harbour.

In the evening the conference dinner with 250 guests. An extensive program with speaches from the Mayor of HCM, the vice mayor of Ugu District, KZN Museum Service, of the Time Travel method, by learners that have taken part in a Time Travel etc. Performances of Indian dances and the Bambatha rebellion. Launching of the two books: “This place has meaning. Case Studies of Historic Environment Education and Time Travels in South Africa 2006-2010” and “Folkbildning Africa”.

21 October: Presentations on the curriculum and Time Travels (Gail Weldon), sensitive issues and Time Travels (Radikobo Ntsimane). Discussion in groups on the Time Travel method and 7 steps (for beginners), needs and strategy (for experienced Time Travellers)

Speech by the Minister of the Arts, Culture, Sport and Recreation in KwaZulu-Natal Mrs Weziwe Thusi. Concluding discussion and summary plus the way forward.

22 October
Bridging Ages South Africa board meeting

Planning for the big public Time Travel at the Port Shepstone harbour

23 October
Planning for the public Travel at the Port Shepstone harbour.

Discussions with Louis, Catherine, Bertdene and Louis.

Planning meeting with Thulas and Gulshera for the Gamalakhe workshop.

24 October
Preparations for the events the next week.

25 October
Intensive preparations and meetings for the Public Time Travel the following day: props, activities, leaders, confirm participants etc

Meeting with Howard Msomi about the Umzumbe Time Travel workshop 27 October.

Finalise time plan and scenario for the Umzumbe day.

26 October
Public Time Travel to 1905 at the Port Shepstone Harbour. 150 persons, a mix of people, young and old, teachers and learners, middle aged and elderly, Africans, Indians and white.

A full day Time Travel from 8.30 to 13.30 plus preparations two hours before and clean up afterwards.

27 October
Time Travel workshop in Umzumbe at the place for the 1906 trial on 36 Zulu leaders in the Bambatha rebellion. Short presentation of the Time Travel method and the history of the site. A 1½ hour Time Travel of the trial. Evaluation and way forward.

40 persons took part in the Time Travel and discussion afterwards, 20-25 in the morning.

28 October
Helen interviewed some learners at Nobamba and Marburg Secondary schools on violence and by-standers.

Meeting at KZN Museum Service in Pietermeritzburg with Barry Marshall, Director of Amafa, the Cultural Heritage Organisation in KZN and Assistant Director Lindie Msomi. Dolly Khumalo and Mark Sole from Museum Service took part as well.

15.00-17.30 Workshop on the history and heritage of the township of Gamalakhe, at the Gamalakhe library. Presentation of the Time Travel method. 23 persons took part. A Time Travel Committe of Gamalakhe was elected.

18.30-22.00 Evaluation meeting at Marburg Primary School with an extended Port Shepstone Time Travel Committee. 19 persons. Stefan Windh, IT-project also took part. Evaluation of the one-, plus two-year Time Travel project in Port Shepstone. Evaluation of the activities the last two weeks, mainly BA SA conference and public Time Travel.

29 October

Meeting with the Port Shepstone museum

Planning for Time Travel and meetings in Potchefstroom and Mpumalanga.

Last farewell gathering with the Time Travel Committee

30 October

Meg, Helen and Ebbe leave for Johannesburg and Potchefstroom


• Fantastic evaluations of the Time Travel project and the activities the previous weeks. “Best project ever”. “A Time Travel is a mind-blowing experience”. “A real mindopener“. “Goals achieved”.”Social cohesion in several ways”. “Bring together the community”. “Talk of the town”.

• People were very satisfied with the conference, both organisers and delegates. “Excellent”. “A resounding success”. “Beyond our expectations”. “Absolutely great”.

• Several persons emphasized that the conference organisation was very challenging and hard work, up to the last minute. And organised by mainly volonteers. But as one person said “What we have achieved is out of this world”. Others said “Heads together”. “Passion and determination”. “We share a vision”.

• The big conference dinner with 240 guests made many new stakeholders aware of the importance of the Time Travel method.

• The persons in the Twinning and Time Travel Committee are extremely proud of what they have achieved both in organising the conference and leading the whole Time Travel project.

• The public Time Travel was a fantastic experience with this mix of people. And 150 persons taking part all day. “The best Time Travel ever”, as one expressed. This was the first big public Time Travel in South Africa.

• The press: Herald, South Coast Fever and the Witness covered the conference and the public Timet Travel.

• The curriculum advisor in Ugu, Ravi Pather has bought into the idea. 100 % behind, he said. He wants to make trainings for curriculum advisors in the whole of Ugu district. And also use the provincial structure of the curriculum advisors in implementing the Time Travel method..

• The Umzumbe Time Travel workshop went well and also had some challenges. Some people came late. For most people it was their first Time Travel experience and the interacting takes time to get into. But at the same time one can feel the magic of the site and the importance of the event for many people today. Two direct descendentants of the prisoners played their forfathers in the Time Travel.

• The Gamalakhe workshop went very well. People starts to realize that Gamalkhe has history and heritage. An spontanous applaud after showing the Ikageng video. 13 persons volonteered for the Time Travel committee. Their first meeting was decided to the following week.

• KZN Museum Service shows a big support for the Time Travel method and wants to take it to the whole of KZN. MEC of Arts and Culture Mrs Thesi is fully behind the Time Travels.

Way forward

• A Bridging Ages KZN, an interim board, needs to set up, starting with the engaged persons. They will organise Time Travels in KZN

• Mark talks about nodle points for the Time Travel method throughout the province.

• MEC of Arts and Culture has promised a post at KZN Museum Service working mainly with Time Travels. Museum Service is reorganising and that post will fall under Mark Sole’s department.

• Museum Service can also allocate money for Time Travels and storage of props and costumes.

• Researchers at the Museum Service can be used for Time Travels.

• KZN Sama conference in Eshowe in March 2011 will have one day focusing on Time Travels including a Time Travel at the fort.

• Barry Marshal showed support for the Time Travel method. Presentation for Amafa staff early next year and suggestion of a pilot Time Travel site, maybe at Ondini, Ulundi.

• Gamalakhe Time Travel committee will choose heritage sites in the township, research and develop at least one Time Travel site next year (Tin Town?). Maybe also a heritage tour throughout Gamalakhe. Ask Radikobo Ntdsimane on interview training.

• Howard needs a trained core group who can make a Time Travel tourist program out of the trial site in Umzumbe.

• Stefan Windh has money in his IT project for folkbildning. His centre is Nyandezulu. The funding may be used for organising study circles, training, translation of This place, a DVD on the 7 steps etc.

• Needs to meet with MEC of Education.

• Make Port Shepstone Harbour a Heritage site.

• The Port Shepstone Museum can make exhibits on the Time Travel method (maybe in Margate), help in the research of Gamalakhe and also research on pre-historic sites (check with Bronwin at Natal Museum).

30 October 2010

Ebbe Westergren, Helen Eklund and Meg Johnson, Kalmar County Museum

Thursday, November 18, 2010




EXHIBITION BY: eSayidi FET, Child Welfare Margate and Port Shepstone, Ziphakamise, Ugu Tourism, Hibicus Coast Municipality, Ugu District Municipality, Hindu Cultural Organisation , Dept. of Education and the Twinning Association: History, Present, Time Travel and other projects.


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Saturday, August 7, 2010


 The planning is gaining momentum.  The programme, accomodation , transport, content, speakers, budgets etc had to be all sorted out before the final programme is sent out.

Detailed planning of every moment from the 19th  October until it is over is being discussed , debated and agreed upon. The Port Shepstone community is really great with so many wanting to volunteer- even if it is one contribution, it  adds to the whole.

Fundraising and keeping everyone motivated is  a challenge. But it is getting done with the support of Tizzie, our BASA chairperson, Ebbe, BA International chairperson, Louis, from Western Cape, for his support and guidance every step of the way and to our Twinning Board and  Time Travel Sub committee.

Locally,Rueben's support is motivating. Silvy, Judy and  Gary, the 3 pilot schools, the recent past delegates to Kalmar- Howard, Thulas, Rosey, our experienced twinners, Pauline, Dell and Christa and Tilana of eSayidi FET, and Leslie of Ziphakamise, are all on board, helping ,wherever they can.

Our partners, Depat of Arts and Culture eSayidi FET, Ugu south Coast Tourism, HCM and Ugu District municipalities, Department of Education ( Omesh, Tim, Ravi Pather, Zondi , Mr Sibaya), Penny , Sipho and Thembi of the local museum, Pastor Reggie John, Dean, Suresh Naidoo, Luckys Manaba, Hi Land Tyres, Prem Sewpersad, Lootch Security, South Coast Fever etc We are humbled by your support.

Sven Ake, Tormod Nesset and friends in Kalmar Lans museum and all provinces in SA involved in TT. Can't wait to see you guys, at one venue, one time, together with one vision-- let our history be re written from all perspectives!

Gulshera Khan

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

May 2010 Delegation- Time Travel, Oskarshamn

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Thulas, Rosey and Howard participated in a Time Travel activity in Oskarshamn ( 26 May 2010) as part of their training days in Sweden.

Therafter they had FICA with Carina Wretlund ( Mayors wife and an active twinning member) at her home, followed by welcome dinner at Tormod Nessets home.

Thanking Laila Forsmack  for the photographs.


Time travels is about doing, which enables learners to understand their history much better than just going through books or searching the web.The Time Travels that we participated in were well organized and the learners really enjoyed them and we also did.We were impressed by the set up at Eketorp (Oland) and how original it looked. The phases from Eketorp1,2 and 3 up to the present one which is divided into the western half and the eastern half as well as the south gate.

In all the sites that we visited, we could see the enthusiasm and commitment of the members of staff and this is what makes TT real and original. In our training we also discovered that our(S. A) history is more political and there are a lot of untold good stories of the past. These stories can help rebuild our country. TT is a nation building method which is relevant for the Rainbow nation of South Africa.

TT can help us to value our original history not only the political history but also the period before colonisation.If we document our oral history, this will help fast track transformation in our country while preserving our history with pride.

Thank you very much to Kalmar Lans Museum, ABF Sondra Smaland  ,OSAK and The Port Shepstone Twinning Association for making this learning experience possible.

Thulas, Rosey and Howard

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ugu - Soderhamn Partnership with eSayidi FET.

A successful graduation of the Distance Education ( Computer course) and Builders Project students was held at the Iqongalakho Media Studies Centre on the Gamalakhe campus of eSayidi FETC on Friday, 4th June 2010.

Present were many of the stakeholders involved in the Ugu District/Soderhamn Municipal partnership. From Soderhamn, Thomas and Cecelia from Centre of Flexible Learning were guests, including Gary Moodley, chairperson of the Port Shepstone Twinning Asscociation and Justice Ngesi representing the Deputy Mayor of Ugu District Municipality as the keynote speaker.

What was started in 1993 with the commitment of a few persons have benefited our community tremendously, with 141 delegates to Sweden over these years and various other initiatives and spin- offs, such as the above.

Together, we can truly focus on what is so urgently required in SA-- empowerment, job creation,  to name a few.

Newsletter 2009 on blog : highlights one of the busiest twinning year with various projects benefitting both countries.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Orientation, next delegation to Sweden

Thulas mkhize, Rosy Mudaly and Howard Msomi - Time Travel, Study circle and Folkbildning

Training in Folkbildning, Historic Environment Education

and Time Travels in Sweden May 24 – June 5 2010

Organizers in Sweden: Kalmar Regional Council, Kalmar Läns Museum, Bildningsförlaget, ABF Östra Småland/Öland
Foreign participants: (South Africa)
Port Shepstone: Munniamah Mudaly, Thulasizwe Mkhize, Howard Msomi
Western Cape: Mxolisi Dlamuka, Chester Davids, David van der Westhuizen,
Allister Lightburn
(Transport – one minibus from Kalmar Läns Museum)

May 23
Arrival Copenhagen, train to Kalmar

May 24
Visit Kalmar Läns Museum, seminar on Historic Environment Education and Time Travels. In the late afternoon, a visit in Kalmar historical town

May 25
Visit Ölands Folk High School

May 26
Time Travel to 1887 together with Valhallaskolan, grade 7 at Fredriksberg Manor House, Oskarshamn

May 27
Time Travel to the Iron Age, 425 B:C, together with learners from Alunskolan and Torslundaskolan grade 4, at Eketorp

May 28
Visit Alunskolan and Torslundaskolan on Öland. Meet teachers and learners. See some historical sites on southern Öland

May 29 – 30
Visit historical sites on northern Öland and in the Kalmar region

May 31
Seminar on Folkbildning and Time Travel Education. Summary of experiences so far

June 1
Travel to Stockholm. Visit Marieborgs Folk High School in Norrköping

June 2 - 4
Visit Folk High Schools and museums, meet museum educators in Stockholm
Conference with the Builders Union about international issues and South Africa Visit Folkbildningsrådet and Free time

June 5
Leave for South Africa
Ebbe Westergren, Helen Eklund, Kalmar Läns Museum

Gunnar Aldestam, Bildningsförlaget

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Per- Ulf's Visit - Day 2

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Study by Olof Palme International Centre - 15-16 April 2010

Per - Ulf Nilsson was appointed to undertake a study visit of the twinning process.

Interviews were undertaken with members and partner organisations, including learners of pilot schools.

Much was accomplished within the two days:

Interviews and visits to:

Marburg Primary School - pilot Time Travel GET level ( meeting with Dr. Gounden, Gary Moodley and May 10 delegate Rosey Mudaly
Nobamba High School - Sizwe Gcaba and learners
Merlewood Secondary School - Joe Venter and Johan Buys
Marburg Secondary school - TimeTravel and Global Supplement projects
Twinning Association Board
HCM- groundbreakers project ( HIV and Aids)- Christa and Toffie
Junior Primary School - recycling project- Dell
Museum - a glimpse
eSayidi FET ( media study centre and building project)- Pauline
Buhlebezwe Primary School - new pilot school and delegate to Sweden. Principal and staff
Nyandazulu- host families, Mzi- Global School co-ordinator
Thulas recycling project
Child Welfare - Umzumbe
Donation- Outdoor school equipment at Sibhekulwandle Primary School
Meeting with Gertrude Lushaba - Global School co-ordinator and past delegate.
Howard Msomi - a delegate in May and co-ordinator of Time Travel in Umzumbe

We thank all our members and partners for their co-operation.
We especially like to thank Per for his patience and co-operating fully as the programme was intense for two days.
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Friday, March 26, 2010


Overall Assessement

The Programme for March was a success as per report by Ebbe, read below. It is important to stress that our region has been exposed widely to the  Time Travel method and realised its value , not only as a teaching method, but recording OUR HISTORY. At local level  there is a crying need before it  is forever forgotten and lost.

Since this facilitation by Kalmar Lans Museum,  we realised that this powerful method is helping in bringing about understanding and healing of a divided past history, of reconciliation and even development through finding creative ways in identifying and preserving our Heritage. These heritage sites can become public places for families and tourist- even creating jobs.

We need to develop to become fully reliant and independent in achieving the above objective. This will take time as institutions and organisations need to come on board and become part of the mainstream in schools, museums and municipalities. Until then, we made a start but is far from achieving this objective. we need Ebbe and team to continue what was started!

Gulshera Khan- Volunteer Time Travel Co-ordinator


Tim and Ravi Pather from Dept. of Education as indentured labourers, 1905

By Ebbe - March 2010 Progress

• Three successful and quite different workshops in Port Shepstone and Umzumbe.

• A very engaged Time Travel Committee in Port Shepstone.

• Good cooperation with KZN Museum Service.

• A committe for HCM Primary Schools and Time Travels elected.

• A group for identifying stakeholders interested in recording of violence/struggle in Port Shepstone region elected.

• The workshop on the struggle/violence was quite emotional and it is obvious that many people want to tell their often traumatic stories. The healing process in the communities will take a long time. The school needs to find their own way to teach about the violence, record stories and develop a Time Travel.

• Big interest in Umzumbe for cooperation on the Time Travel method. Several sites and stories were mentioned.

• Days decided for the national conference in Port Shepstone, 20-21 October, and also a draft program. Theme: Social Cohesion through Time Travels.

• Interesting conference on the violence in KZN. Good discussions with Philippe Denis, Director of the Sinomlando Oral History Centre, Radikobo Ntsimane, Deputy Director, Mxholisi Mchunu and Bongani Ndlovu, Msunduzi/Voortrekker Museum. We asked about contributions at the BASA conference in October. Important to have connections to research and universities.

• Interesting visits to museums and theme parks in Zululand (Fort Nongqayi in Eshowe, Ondini reconstructed royal residence, Mgungundlovu reconstructed royal residence and Shakaland historical theme park). Good discussions with the Program Manager Drika and the number one guide Richard at Shakaland.

• Need for a Time Travel coordinator in KwaZulu-Natal. A lot of the work is now relying on individual, engaged persons.

Way forward

• Port Shepstone article for the booklet “This place has meaning.”

• Meeting with the Primary School Time Travel Committee.

• Meeting with the Struggle and Secondary School group.

• Howard have regular discussions with the engaged persons in Umzumbe.

• KZN Museum Service has two interns helping in the Time Travel work.

• A conference committee to prepare for the BASA conference.

• Training in Sweden the last week of May and first week of June for three persons from Port Shepstone.

• Three people from Sweden will be back in Port Shepstone/KZN in October.

• National BASA conference 20-21 October. 22 October for the BASA board.

• A big Time Travel to 1905 with many learners and adults at the Port Shepstone harbour in October. Maybe 150 people. Small changes in the scenario, some intendured labour arrive. This is a contribution to the 150 anniversary of the first Indians arriving in South Africa.

• Develop a Time Travel site for Primary Schools: 1820s Zulu/Shaka site (some worriors stayed)?, Hindu temple?, San site? Other? Time Travel in October?

• Develop a Time Travel for Secondary Schools about the struggle/violence.

• Possible Oral History and interview training for the TT group.

• Time Travel in Umzumbe in October? Maybe at the site for the Bambatha rebellion trial. The women campaign against the passlaws has also been mentioned.

• Take the Time Travel method further in KwaZulu-Natal.

• Mark and Gulshera emphasize the need for future support and mentorship from Kalmar läns museum, guidance, training etc.

• A Time Travel coordinator in KZN is needed. Office at KZN Museum Service?


Ebbe Westergren, Helen Eklund, Meg Johnson, Kalmar läns museum

Sunday, February 28, 2010


Yesterday's monthly twinning meeting  ( 25 Feb. 2010) was attended and addressed by the Soderhamn Building Project group, Jorgen Andersson, Olle Collin and Adam Jonsson. Also present was Nol'thando Ngcobo, a lecturer at eSayidi FETC Nqamuza Skills Centre, Munster..

Jorgen, a teacher of building and construction at Staffangymnasiet, returned to the project he began last year, and with two new students in their final year, namely Olle Collin who is studying carpentry and Adam Jonsson who is specialising in concrete work. They are presently skilling 10 builders at the Gamalakhe campus and return to Soderhamn next week.

They are working with the eSayidi FETC technical team, Keith Stroebel and Richard Pym who visited Soderhamn last year, and Bernard Cele.

Nol'thando Ncobo visited Soderhamn with other lecturers from the Mtwalume and Nqamuza Skills Centres, namely Mr Wiseman Malunga, Ms Sanelisiwe Mavundla and Ms Silindile Mtuli last September and they were joined by the vice rector of esayidi FETC, Mrs Zanokuhle Ntombela.

The Distance Education project began on 2 February 2010 at both campuses with 15 students at each, and on 7 March, the Swedish based lecturers involved with the project, Aanette Ramstrand and Hakan Helmersson, will return to continue the training begun with eSayidi FETC last October.

 Article and Photo by: Pauline Duncan